Susan Baur - The Turtle Sisters Learn the Best New Trick

The Turtle Sisters Learn
the Best New Trick

(#2 in the Turtle Sisters series)

Although the turtle sisters, Daphne and Chloe, are happy when their swimmer friend from the previous summer returns to their pond with tasty treats, they aren't happy when a snapping turtle horns in on the party. It's time to play a different game, they decide, and time to learn new tricks for safeguarding their food from bigger fish and turtles. Maybe it's even time to stop being afraid of Snapper Jack. Maybe.

Based on observations spanning many years, Susan Baur continues to weave the daily dramas of pond life into stories for ages four and up.

Praise for The Turtle Sisters of Cape Cod Pond
(#1 in the Turtle Sisters series)

"A wonderful story, full of natural history observations."
--Bob Prescott, director Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

"Magical," --Barnstable Patriot

"An amazing combination of creativity and love."
--Dan Atwood, CMO, United Natural Foods, retired.

"Eplains in simple text and stunning illustrations - her own - what the turtles' lives are like and why they should matter to us." --The Cape Cod Times

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