Diving Into Wonderland by Susan Baur - Cape Cod

Upcoming book: Diving Into Wonderland

Based on Baur's ten-year, illustrated swimming journal, Diving Into Wonderland takes us into the quiet, happy state of mind that Baur finds when she joins local turtles in their weedy ponds. Could visits to this Wonderland help the 75 year old answer the question: How can I live out the rest of my life in gratitude and contentment rather than with a dwindling sense of well-being? Turns out the answer is so clearly yes that Baur, who is a practicing psychologist as well as writer, feels that
finding your happy place is key to facing whatever questions and emotions stand in your way.


Summer 2015
Turtle Sisters Summer Programs for schools, camps, and day-care facilities.

Based on both the science and the art programs given to first, second, and third graders in public schools across the Cape, the program consists of all three Turtle Sisters books, a 15-minute underwater video presentation of local turtle life, and a visit from the author-illustrator, Susan Baur.

There are two videos to choose from:
How to Explore a Pond and How to Write a Book About What You See. Craft projects may be added. There is no charge for this program.