Turtle Sisters of Cape Cod Pond by Susan Baur

The Turtle Sisters of Cape Cod Pond
(#1 in the Turtle Sisters series)

When two little stinkpot turtles are threatened by a hungry snapping turtle, they inadvertently gain the protection of a swimmer. Can the turtle sisters train her to come to the pond every evening at dinner time? And will the swimmer become as fascinated by them as they are of her?

Based on observations spanning five years, Susan Baur has drawn an affectionate picture of both a little-known turtle and the joys of exploring.

Praise for The Turtle Sisters of Cape Cod Pond

"A wonderful story, full of natural history observations."
--Bob Prescott, director Audubon's Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

"An amazing combination of creativity and love."
--Dan Atwood, CMO, United Natural Foods, retired.

"Eplains in simple text and stunning illustrations - her own - what the turtles' lives are like and why they should matter to us." --The Cape Cod Times

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